Especially devotee’s health, we know, is utmost valuable. If a devotees is healthy, than he can continue to preach Krishna consciousness & thus salvage the lost souls from this material world. Hence, we would like to provide you the most professional medical advice. However, due to the nature of this material world, we have imperfect senses and a tendency to make mistakes. Doctors may try their best to judge your health situation remotely and try to give you best advice, but still sometimes if Krishna has some other plans, we may not always be in a position to give the right advice.

As devotees we understand that the material nature is very vast and health issues at times are very difficult to judge. Even the best doctors or best hospitals do misjudge the situation of a patient. The possibility of misjudging health related issues increases when trying to judge remotely through internet. Also, sometimes there would be a possibility that our doctors may have technical limitations due wide spectrum of medical presentations.  The devotee doctors will try to give you the best advice, unmotivated by personal gains, uninfluenced by pharmaceutical industry & their glamorous advertisements. However, we understand that there will be limitations. Doctors are not demigods or magicians. They are not yogis who can travel at the speed of mind or tantrics who can enter your body and rightly diagnose and treat the disease.

Hence, ultimately after we give you advice, we would like you to choose the right treatment path.